Fixing Any Problem Starts With Finding the Cause...
Whether you have "already tried chiropractic" or you are brand new to it, we welcome you into our office and family. Within 3 visits you will learn more than you ever have and also, if this is the right place for you. Your first visit is your consultation, spinal exam, and any necessary x rays. The second visit is your first adjustment. On the third visit we will explain IN DETAIL what is going on with your body, teach you how to read x-rays, and then review your x-rays with you. On the third visit we will discuss cost of future care, expectations, and the game plan. From there, you let us know if you want to continue.  We are happy to offer a COMPLIMENTARY consultation and exam before you decide on anything. 

This process is super simple and straight forward. We believe there should be transparency in true healthcare.  There should also be RESULTS. Check out some of the testimonials below, we are seeing miracles in our office everyday. You are just one adjustment away...

Powerful Adjustments Get Powerful Results...
"The power that made the body heals the body, it happens no other way"...
~BJ Palmer~  
We Find Cause
Better results than ALL MD's because we don't JUST COVER UP SYMPTOMS. 
It's About Family
When you are here, you feel like family. Your family deserves a healthy YOU. Bring your kids, we take care of them too!
This is Valuable 
You are going to save thousands on medical bills. We have never had anyone leave because they couldn't care in our office. 
Where There Is Vision, Great Things Happen.
Are you ready to take action yet? Why deal with symptoms when you don't have to? What if you are one appointment away from awesome?!? 😎 
Best Stretching Routine EVER
Getting Up With Low Back Pain. Video was made for chiropractic students...
If you want more insight into the endless possibilities with your health, come out to our next dinner. The doctor will share the secrets behind eliminating any and all symptoms, you can hear more testimonials, and the food will be amazing. We also do fun raffles and give aways at dinner. To get more information on the next dinner or advanced workshop, just click the button below. 
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